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Writing Resources – Online

This page is a compilation of various reference sites that I have personally found useful for my own writing. This list will be slowly added onto as I discover more resources that I would like to share.

List of Best Websites For Writers
Free Online Creative Writing Courses…._We bsites.html
Guide to Screenwriting….-screenwriting/
NaNoWriMo forums
Advice to Writers
Writing Advice
Absolute Write Forums

Show, Don’t (Just) Tell
The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
Tone/Attitude Words
Use Your Senses to Be More Creative
The 10 Types of Writer’s Block (And How to Overcome Them)
Opening Lines: 12 Ways to Start a Novel
Top 10 Tricks to Make Your Villain Stand Out
How to Become a Better Writer (3 Tips)
How to Resurrect a Stalled Manuscript

Character Development:
Characters with Depth

Grammar Monster
Better Editor

Liquid StoryBinder

Critters Workshop

Write or Die
One Page Per Day

Specific Topics for Fiction Reference:
Realistic Travel Times
Writing Realistic Injuries
Earth-like Planets (for use in sci fi)
Victorian Era Names
Fantasy/Medieval Character Jobs or Occupations 
The Shapes of Medieval Swords
100 Extremely Useful Search Engines For Science
Top 10 Martial Arts for Self-Defense
Phonetic Alphabet and Figure Code
15 Bogeymen From Around the World
The Internet Sacred Text Archive
Real Life Interrogation Techniques for Crime Writers

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