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Just Quiet

March 22, 2013

This isn’t about writing. Not really. It’s not some bit of profound advice on how to be a writer, which can be as simple as writing, or how to write well, which can be as simple as practicing. It’s not really about anything except my life right now. But if I’m going to post about anything, it’s going to be this.

My life isn’t hard. I’d say it’s average, or above average even. It’s not easy, either. It’s just somewhere in the middle.

I want to make that clear. I don’t want anyone to have the mistaken assumption that when I talk about my life, it’s a story of pain and hardship. It’s not.

But I do get frustrated sometimes, and that’s where I’ve been for the last few weeks–Frustration Junction, three miles outside of Goddammit, Mississippi.

It’s little things. Money, car troubles, a leg injury that I can’t explain further than, “I woke up and it hurt, and then I couldn’t really walk for a week.” Nothing heartbreaking, nothing soul-crushing, but it’s meant that I haven’t wanted to talk. I haven’t written anything on my blog that has any real piece of me in it. I haven’t been tweeting or loitering in Facebook. I haven’t wanted to be social. I haven’t even called my mother in days, when usually we’re thick as thieves.

So bear with me. I’ll go back to babbling about writing. I even have a new project on my radar.

I’m not gone. I’m still here. Just…quiet.


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One Comment
  1. And we’ll wait for you while you’re quiet, because we know that its what you need to do. (Sometimes being a hermit is wonderful.)

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