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Guest Post: Corey M. P., Author of HIGH

January 28, 2013

High Cover

Corey M. P. is a writer and a graphic designer. Her first novel, HIGH, is now available on in both paperback and on Kindle. Corey is also the creator of Sammy’s Books—a collection of children’s books for kids under the age of five. Visit her blog at:


Have you ever had the urge to escape? Leave the norm…and flee? Go somewhere far—do something spontaneous and unexpected? Did you do it?

Uptight workaholic Sonja Fines deals with this exact dilemma. In HIGH, she takes you along for an unforgettable ride that changes her life dramatically. It all begins when she hops in a cab, late for an important presentation in Manhattan, but ends up in a coffee shop…in Montreal.

Excerpt from HIGH:

Traveling is an escape from the norm. It’s a suitcase full of surprises and new adventures. It’s an adjustment to new time zones and new cultures. It’s a refreshing treat that makes you see things clearer. Smell better. Taste better. Traveling opens new doors and sometimes closes old ones. It makes you begin to either value what you have back home or realize that maybe life is better lived somewhere else, sometimes even with someone else, or alone. Traveling is a little detour that may lead you to another path and pull you out of old habits, forcing you to experience life, and not simply live by routines and schedules that only limit you and trap you into a cycle. Traveling makes you remember the food you ate, the sight you saw, the man you met a long time ago. Traveling is about meeting people that may change your life, or whose lives you may change. Traveling is a hop, a skip, or a leap toward something or somewhere new. Traveling can change you.

—HIGH, page 226 (thoughts of Sonja Fines)

The inspiration to write HIGH came to me during a moment of realization and contemplation. It happened years ago, when I worked as a graphic designer for a company I used to work for. I spent long hours meeting deadlines, and spent less time living life. When I finally had a chance to step outside for a few minutes, I embraced every second of it, hoping I never had to go back in. While I sat outside, sipping my cup of coffee—I realized I was burnt out. At that brief moment, I had the urge to escape but the reality was—I couldn’t. Instead, the story of HIGH immediately began to brew in my head, and words came to my rescue. Writing HIGH became my escape.

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Thank you, Alison for giving me an opportunity to guest post on your blog. I am thrilled to have your blog be my first stop for my HIGH Blog Tour.

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  1. If HIGH was your escape, then I hope when I read it, that it will briefly become mine too. I think we’ve all dreamed about ending the monotony and getting away… I can’t wait to read this! 🙂

    • I love when books make you forget where you are—even for a moment. Hope you enjoy reading HIGH. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. That’s where I am now. I enjoy my job, but it never changes, so it gets tedious. Writing is my escape since I can’t afford to escape in other ways. I’m going to keep your book in mind for this summer when I have some time to read 🙂

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