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Insomnia Press Issue #3—As I Lay Dying (Submissions Open)

January 14, 2013


Just a note to all short story writers, flash fiction masters, and artists looking to get published. Insomnia Press Issue 3 “As I Lay Dying”, slated for February 2013, is open for submissions.

Insomnia Press accepts a wide variety of dark fiction.

From the web page:

This February we’ll pay homage to the dead season while we still can with an issue brimmed with: death, secrets, lies. Where did I get secrets and lies from? Who cares, the three just go so well together!  So give us your tragic tales of murder most foul, your unreliable narrators, and your webs of conspiracy. We’ll be waiting.

Short Fiction Guidelines

We accept flash fiction and longer pieces. Short fiction submissions should not exceed 3000 words.

While we’re not a strict bunch, we do ask you submit your manuscript in 12 pt. font, either courier new or times new roman. Standard manuscript format is the way to go.

Email all submissions to in either .rtf or .doc format.

Include a short author bio in the email body. No more than 200 words, please. This bio can include any self-advertising such as link to your blog or website. In fact we encourage this.

Art Guidelines

Accept art? You bet we do.

We’ll constantly be on the look out for drawings, paintings, and photographs. We want anything dark, macabre, gritty, “low-brow”, Lovecraftian, or just plain bizarre.  We especially want good, dark art for use as covers for each issue.

When sending in art submissions, please include high res images. Images should be at or over 11 x 8.5 (our magazine is laid out horizontally) and 300 DPI.

Poetry Guidelines

We are now accepting poetry submissions. Please keep poetry submissions under 50 lines.

Non Fiction

Insomnia Press will be accepting the following non-fiction on a limited basis: Essays on craft, Essays on genre, Book and story reviews, interviews, slice-of-life stories (they still need to be dark) and submissions for our new segment “Stranger Than Fiction”.

Please keep non-fiction submissions under 2,000 words (Stranger Than Fiction below 1500).

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