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June 9, 2012

I’d like to draw your attention to two very exciting projects.

The first is the Deep Cuts Anthology, a horror anthology in honor of Women in Horror Month. From the Kickstarter: Deep Cuts Anthology

Deep Cuts: (1) songs on an album that don’t get commercial air time. (2) great songs that get overshadowed by an album’s hits.

Like the “deep cuts” on an album, there’s good stuff out there, stuff worth digging up and having another go at. In honor of Women in Horror Month, we want to invite horror lovers (male and female alike) to write a great horror story in honor of Women in Horror month and recommend a powerhouse tale written by a woman, those bloody stylings and chainsaw rhythms that have lain hidden like deadly gems among other great works.

Join us as we knock the needle over a few grooves to find and recommend those deep cuts cranked up to 11 by women horror writers.

Angel Leigh McCoy, a fantastic writer and a friend of mine, is one of the editors handling the project. In fact, you could say she’s one of my writing idols. I would love to be able to write horror the way she does some day, and I’ve been working hard to follow in her footsteps. I urge you to check out the anthology and, if you like what you see, offer your support.

Insomnia PressSecondly, one of my good friends is starting a digital lit magazine with a focus on dark fiction. It’s called Insomnia Press, and while it’s fairly (read: very) new, it’s gotten a great start. The first issue is slated to be released in August. They’re already receiving a ton of submissions, but of course, they could always use more. Also, as this is an ongoing project, submissions will be needed for future issues as well. This is a great opportunity to get published!  They’re also looking for art submissions, so if you are or know an artist who might be interested, I highly recommend checking it out. I personally plan on submitting often and helping out any way I can. I may even be contributing to the advice column.

If you’re a writer, you know how hard it is to get a foothold in the industry with a new project, sometimes even for already well-established professional writers, like Angel. In my opinion, these two projects are very worthy projects, and they both need all of the support they can get. As both a recommendation and a personal plea, I ask you to at least investigate them and see if they interest you. If you’re not interested in participating, yourself, you could help spread the word.

  1. You’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! See my blog for details. Congrats!

  2. This is all very cool!! I haven’t really done much horror writing, but I’ve certainly read my fair share of it!!

    • If they sound interesting to you, definitely check it out! They’re both really cool projects, and they could both use support. And I can personally vouch for the people running them.

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