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March 13, 2012

Not a post I wrote myself, but a valuable message, one I felt was worth sharing. Please click to view entire post. Reblogged with permission.

Fantasy Author's Handbook

Some people will tell you writer’s block doesn’t exist, and I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t, but over the course of the last couple months, for me, well . . . if it wasn’t writer’s block, what the hell was it?

I have never been formally diagnosed with depression, though on occasion I have been treated with prescription drugs for anxiety and panic attacks. Around the time of the release of Baldur’s Gate, I went into a period of wild mood swings, debilitating panic attacks that had me up all night one night, crashing the next, and repeating that cycle day after day. I still don’t know the cause, or if there even was one. Was it that I had just released a book I knew wasn’t good, had found out too late didn’t even mirror the actual story of the game upon which it was based? I had a trip to…

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