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Writing at Midnight

February 20, 2012

I slept way too much today, and now I’m up way too late. I guess this blog’s called “Writing at Midnight” for a reason. By now, though, it’s closer to 1am.

I do seem to be the most inspired/productive in the wee hours of the morning. At midnight, I’m feeling creative again. Toward 1, I’m on a roll. At 2am, 3am, I’m unstoppable. Word count will increase by the thousands. And it’s usually not half bad, for a rough draft.

Of course, with my current schedule, that’s terrible. I need more sleep than that. I have things to do, places to be. I’m not in college anymore where I can sleep all day and stay up all night.

Oh well.


Progress report:

A friend and I are planning on meeting weekly and have themed short story-writing nights. Could be fun, could be a total flop. Sounds fun. Worth a try. We’ll see. But I honestly just don’t write enough short stories. I should – they’re good practice – but I don’t. And I intend to change that. I have a lot of ideas already, which is a good sign.

Tonight, though, I’ve been working on Mettle. I made a lot of progress in a short time with this one (at first) because it was so much fun to write. Going back to it, I’m finding that it’s still really fun to write, and the reason is because it’s so very different from what I normally do. It’s a modern-day, gritty superhero story. I rarely do modern-day, and I rarely do gritty. Dark, but not gritty. I have a troupe of characters that are all unlike anything I’ve ever worked with. It’s like living in the country your whole life and then visiting the city for the first time. Do I want to live there? I’m not sure yet. But I sure am enjoying my stay.


At some point in the future I may post about self-publishing, but it’s too late for me to get into that tonight. It is something I want to talk about, as I had a conversation about it today, and I’ve had a lot of really interesting conversations about it in the past. And especially because I don’t really know what I think of it.


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