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It’s Aliiiiive

February 14, 2012

This is my halfhearted attempt at resurrecting my blog.  Mm, maybe “halfhearted” isn’t the right word.  Basically, I have every intention of jumping back into it, but not a lot of confidence as far as actually accomplishing that goes.

It’s all about time.

That’s really the killer, isn’t it? The arch nemesis of all long term projects, the killer of novels and destroyer of ambitious crafting endeavors: the finite number of seconds in every day.

I have not worked on my novel in months.  Two months, I think.  What am I doing with myself?  Job, school, trying desperately to put my apartment together after a move…

OK, really, the problem isn’t the number of hours in a day.  It’s the fact that I need sleep to function.

Still, life is good. Actually, life is fantastic. Everything I’m going through is really positive right now, if exhausting.  But enough of that, blah blah.  This isn’t my Livejournal, it’s a writing blog.  So here’s a really fast update:


Writing projects update:

Mettle: current project (theoretically).  Hope to get back to it once I’m done dealing with the apartment.  It was moving along fairly smoothly – 20k in a couple of weeks – but I’m already wanting to go back and edit everything.  Ugh, my characters’ voices keep getting lost…

The Gray Regions: shelved until I have more experience

Exemplary: shelved until I have more experience

Thinking of trying my hand at a few short stories, as well.  I don’t do enough with short stories.  Really itching to work on some horror, and could use a small-scale project to keep myself motivated but not overwhelmed.


What I’ve learned:

I’ve realized that my writing is much more succinct since I started my job.  I’ve gotten better at saying what I want to say using fewer words but not sacrificing voice (when I can pull it off; Mettle is just totally kicking my butt as far as voice goes.  I knew going into it, though, that having six main characters/POVs was pretty ambitious).

I’ve also learned a lot about getting into the writing “zone” even if I totally don’t feel like getting into the writing zone.


OK, that’s all I’ve got time for tonight.  Maybe I’ll add more later this week.


P.S.  The title of this post is painfully lame, but I felt obligated, as this is the traditional “resurrection” thread.  I hate myself a little for it, but I can live with my choices.

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